Carolina Cyber Center

A first of its kind, the Carolina Cyber Center (C3) is a national demonstration project in state-wide cybersecurity preparation and threat mitigation. Alongside training for government and industry, covering every layer from the C-suite to the tech-suite and all administrative and non-technical staff, C3 also incorporates the production of cyber leaders with a focus on ethics and character-based learning.

C3 will create a clearinghouse of new tactics, techniques, and procedures for cybersecurity by bringing industry, academia and government under one roof.

Mission of the Carolina Cyber Center (C3)

  1. Provide cybersecurity training and resources for the state of North Carolina and the region.
  2. Increase cyber hygiene and improve the skills of existing cyber professionals
  3. Offer a powerful public-private partnership that positions North Carolina as a leader in cybersecurity preparation and defense

Cyber Leaders are in High Demand

In North Carolina, there are more than 13,000 unfilled cybersecurity job openings. At a national level, the number of unfilled cyber jobs jumps to more than 300,000. The Carolina Cyber Center will help equip and build the cybersecurity workforce, addressing the significant need to grow a skilled cyber workforce locally, regionally, and nationally.

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Cyber threats are growing rapidly with no signs of slowing down


The percentage of small to mid-sized businesses that reported cyber attacks in fiscal year 2017-18


The average number of days it takes an organization to identify a data breach

1.6 Billion

The estimated number of records that have been exposed by data breaches since 2005

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