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Developing cybersecurity professionals of character forging a more secure North Carolina

Student Stories

Developing today’s information guardians to build a more secure North Carolina.

We help learners of all levels further their education in cybersecurity.

What our students have to say…

“I’m really enjoying the program—the instructors and staff are great!”

Heather C.

“I always wanted to go back to school for Computer Science, but life got in the way. Thank you for the opportunity to partner with you all.”

Sheila A.

“Everyone at Carolina Cyber Center shows that they care about our success. Thank you all for taking the time to help and teach us.”

Jared P.

“This is such a great experience! The staff is amazing. All of you are wonderful, and I appreciate the opportunity to participate.”

Heather E.

“Thank you for working hard to help me and my cohort. I feel like everyone involved in our program cares a great deal about our success.”

Joe J.

“Thank you again for this opportunity. Although it’s been challenging, I am really enjoying it so far.”

Zachary A.

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