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Identify the cybersecurity needs of Western North Carolina

Western North Carolina isn’t Silicon Valley. But that doesn’t mean our businesses don’t face some of the same threats.

To become more resilient to cyber threats, we need to educate and assist business leaders and influential community members to raise awareness of risks and present strategies to improve our security.

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Address those needs with by developing ethical professionals of excellent character

There may be a need for cybersecurity services in the region, but the available talents aren’t yet there to match that need.

Through our partnership with Montreat College and other organizations in the community, we created a network of cybersecurity professionals who are ready to educate and train that workforce.

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Partner with organizations in the region to create a next-generation workforce development program

Through our community partnerships, we established a workforce development program that teaches the required technical skills while honing individual character traits that help give apprentices long and fulfilling careers in the industry.

We created an entire pipeline — from education to career — to help establish the workforce that Western North Carolina needs.

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Fill the cybersecurity needs of the region with skilled cyber professionals

Our workforce development program funnels professionals into cybersecurity positions at C3 and other partner organizations.

C3 provides prudent and practical cybersecurity solutions in the area by focusing on the “missing middle” of businesses. By employing best-in-class technologies with a standardized approach, we are ablet o pass on the value of our services to our clients.

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Leverage partnerships to advance the cybersecurity preparedness of the region

Working with our network of partners, we establish better cybersecurity awareness, guidelines, and preparedness. By training more cybersecurity professionals, we can equip more businesses than ever before with prudent and effective solutions.

This strategy leverages the strength of our communities to create stronger, more resilient businesses.

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Continually improve the cyber maturity of the workforce through training and certifications

To ensure our cybersecurity workforce is always at the top of their industry, we provide ongoing training and certifications.

With accessible and effective training, we can ensure that our region remains resilient and protected from the evolving threat landscape.

Only Together

Everything that Carolina Cyber Center does is made possible by our amazing partners. By sharing our strengths, as well as the strength of our community, we can make Western North Carolina the envy of the nation.

If you would like to join us in our mission, you can inquire about becoming a partner or donate directly to C3.

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