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Developing Professionals of Character

Carolina Cyber Center is dedicated to forming professionals of character through integrated, experiential, and interactive technical, professional, and essential life skills programs for career AND life success.

Character: values in action.

Give your people the skills for lifelong success.

Our signature programs include:

  • Essential Life Skills for the Cybersecurity Professional: Developing persons of character to fight the asymmetric war
  • Professional Development
  • The Culture of Business

Our programs integrate teaching, coaching, and mentoring for a time-efficient/high-impact competency development of character. While our programs are designed for a cybersecurity staff, they can also be more broadly applicable for other teams.

Students include those entering corporate, government, and non-governmental organization (NGO) roles from a diverse array of socio-economic backgrounds.

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Your organization has unique needs. Programs are available as-is or customized for your team.

Our strategic delivery model utilizes our learning experience platform, incorporating a range of delivery modalities for a rich, engaging, and rewarding learning experience that creates long-lasting impact on the success of the students. They will access live and asynchronous content via our app and desktop platform, which also allows for offline study as needed.

See how we can make an impact on their success today

We would love to hear about your people’s needs and discuss how we can set them up for success.