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Become a Cyber Professional of Character at Carolina Cyber Center.

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Education on your terms

Cybersecurity professionals have exceptional starting wages and proven job stability throughout a career.  Best of all, becoming a cyber professional doesn’t require a traditional four-year education. You can go from Zero IT to Cybersecurity Analyst at the Academy in 9 to 12 months while maintaining your current employment.

New-school curriculum

Getting ready for the workforce requires more than the old-school classroom experience. C3 has a practical curriculum that gives real-world hands-on experience and specialized skills for a long-lasting and successful career.


The field of cybersecurity is vast and varied.  Our program gives you the foundational tools to launch into a wide variety of jobs.  Here is an example of the jobs our training prepares you for:

Information Security


Starting salary
Enterprise Defender


Starting salary
Ethical Hacker


Starting salary
Penetration Tester


Starting salary
SOC Analyst


Starting salary

All salaries taken from Glassdoor averages.

Forging the next-generation workforce

We take the training and education of cyber professionals at Carolina Cyber Center very seriously. Our program is best suited for hard-working problem solvers who are willing to take on an intense program that accelerates their career and gets them right into the workforce.

Cybersecurity training
and certifications

Employers demand experience and the certifications necessary to show competency in the field.  Our training programs provide extensive hands-on industry experience in real-world settings and train you for the certifications most in demand. Certifications include:

NC seal
NC seal
NC seal
NC seal

Getting started on a new career path, whether straight out of highschool or looking for a career change, can be a stressful matter. We are here to help you understand our program and figure out if it’s right for you.

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